We understand that running a business can be difficult enough without also having to spend time ensuring that you are meeting all legal requirements within the UK relating to the running of your business. If you are based overseas and operate a UK branch, it can be impractical to sort out many of the basic arrangements that would be easier (if time-consuming) if you were local.

Whether you are UK-based or live overseas and operate a UK company or business, we can help you to manage the paperwork and ensure that you do not face fees or other penalties for missing deadlines or failing to adhere to regulations.



We can:

  • Help you to open a UK business bank account
  • Refer you to UK accountants, financiers or lawyers if specialist help is required
  • Arrange for documents to be legalised (with an Apostille Certificate service)

Apostille Certificates may be required wherever you are required to legalise UK documents for use overseas (for example, if you need to use it to open a bank account in outside the UK). If you are a non-UK resident and have a UK limited company, you may need the documents relating to your company to be legalised before you can use them outside the UK. We can arrange an Apostille Certificate for all relevant documentation through the UK government’s Legalisation Office to prove that your documents are correct, legal and in accordance with the 1961 Hague Convention.

The documents you may need to have legalised include your Certificate of Incorporation, your Memorandum/Articles of Association, Share Certificates and any other documentation you may be asked for.

Certificate of Good Standing

We can also obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for you from Companies House. This certificate attests to the fact that your company has been run in accordance with the law and that the company has no outstanding fees or penalties and has all of its paperwork filed correctly. The Certificate of Good Standing includes your company’s registered office address, the names of your directors, the date of incorporation, and details of subscribers and issued capital. This can help with opening a bank account for your company or if you plan to open a branch of your UK-based company abroad. Call us today to discuss whether this is something that would help your business to thrive.