Why do you need a registered company address?

All registered (limited) companies must provide a registered address to Companies House upon incorporation. This is the address to which all official documentation will be sent, such as tax notices or other requests and information from HMRC or Companies House.

Some businesses are content for their registered company address to be the same as their actual business premises or even their home address. However, a company’s registered address is visible to any member of the public who may wish to search for it and this can lead to privacy issues for those who wish to keep their business life and private life separate. Unsolicited post and uninvited visitors arriving at your place of work or your home can be time-consuming to deal with and an irritating distraction – it can also be unsafe, if you were ever to have an unhappy customer who may take it upon themselves to pay you a visit to express their dissatisfaction.

Having a separate address as your company’s registered address will ensure that all documentation and contacts with your clients, suppliers or the public can be kept apart and dealt with in your own time. As well as supplying that separate address to Companies House when registering your business as a limited company, you can list it as your address on all promotional material, website and any social media outlets you may use.

If you do use a separate company address, it is obviously important that you receive all important documents that may be sent there, such as reminders for tax deadlines. If you fail to receive those documents in a timely manner, you may incur fines or other penalties.

A registered company address must…

  • Be within England, Wales or Scotland, depending on where your business is incorporated
  • Exist for all official post from HMRC and Companies House to be directed
  • Not be a PO Box
  • Be available to the public.


What we provide

We can set up a registered company address for your business, and we will ensure that you receive your official post reliably and on time. Through our service, we can safely store your post and agree with you the best method for delivering it to you, whether that is through scanning or making it available to you for personal collection.

Having an official company address not only enables you to meet all UK legal requirements but it also demonstrates that your business is entirely transparent and legitimate. It will maintain your personal confidentiality and security and helps you to separate your home life from your work life. A UK office address offers customers the reassurance of being able to easily reach your company and lends an air of prestige. Having a London office address in particular will also be viewed as impressive and give the impression of a strong and established business concern.

Basic - Company Address
Registered Company Address
Unlimited Scanned and Emailed Mail ( only HMRC and Company House )
Service address for directors
Premium - Correspondence Address
Registered Company Address
Unlimited Scanned and Emailed Mail ( only HMRC and Company House )
Service address for directors
Correspondence address for trade purpose
Unlimited Business Mail Forwarding