Services for directors

A registered limited company must have at least one director. Upon registering a limited company, each director’s address must be given so that official company-related correspondence and documentation can be sent to those addresses by Companies House and HMRC. Those addresses are a matter of public record and can be seen upon a search of the Companies House register. There are regulations and rules about registering a director’s address:

  • The address can be the same as the company’s registered address
  • It can be the director’s home address
  • It must not be a PO Box address
  • It can be located anywhere in the world, not necessarily in the same country as the company is located or where the director lives.


What we offer

We can provide a Directors’ Service Address for any director who wishes to keep their private lives and professional lives separate, to enable them to achieve a healthy work-life balance and provide the security of anonymity while still complying with all UK legal requirements.

If you are a director and wish to keep your residential address private, we can provide you with a Directors’ Service Address to which all of your company-related post can also be sent.

To protect your privacy (avoiding unwanted visitors or correspondence arriving at your home or work address) and to ensure that you receive all important documents and notifications, call us to discuss how our Directors’ Service Address can assist you.