Register company address

Why do you need a registered company address?

All registered (limited) companies must provide a registered address to Companies House upon incorporation. This is the address to which all official documentation will be sent, such as tax notices or other requests and information from HMRC or Companies House.

Some businesses are content for their registered company address to be the same as their actual business premises or even their home address. However, a company’s registered address is visible to any member of the public who may wish to search for it and this can lead to privacy issues for those who wish to keep their business life and private life separate. Unsolicited post and uninvited visitors arriving at your place of work or your home can be time-consuming to deal with and an irritating distraction – it can also be unsafe, if you were ever to have an unhappy customer who may take it upon themselves to pay you a visit to express their dissatisfaction.

Having a separate address as your company’s registered address will ensure that all documentation and contacts with your clients, suppliers or the public can be kept apart and dealt with in your own time. As well as supplying that separate address to Companies House when registering your business as a limited company, you can list it as your address on all promotional material, website and any social media outlets you may use.

If you do use a separate company address, it is obviously important that you receive all important documents that may be sent there, such as reminders for tax deadlines. If you fail to receive those documents in a timely manner, you may incur fines or other penalties.

A registered company address must…

  • Be within England, Wales or Scotland, depending on where your business is incorporated
  • Exist for all official post from HMRC and Companies House to be directed
  • Not be a PO Box
  • Be available to the public.


What we provide

We can set up a registered company address for your business, and we will ensure that you receive your official post reliably and on time. Through our service, we can safely store your post and agree with you the best method for delivering it to you, whether that is through scanning or making it available to you for personal collection.

Having an official company address not only enables you to meet all UK legal requirements but it also demonstrates that your business is entirely transparent and legitimate. It will maintain your personal confidentiality and security and helps you to separate your home life from your work life. A UK office address offers customers the reassurance of being able to easily reach your company and lends an air of prestige. Having a London office address in particular will also be viewed as impressive and give the impression of a strong and established business concern.

Basic - Company Address
Registered Company Address
Unlimited Scanned and Emailed Mail ( only HMRC and Company House )
Service address for directors
Premium - Correspondence Address
Registered Company Address
Unlimited Scanned and Emailed Mail ( only HMRC and Company House )
Service address for directors
Correspondence address for trade purpose
Unlimited Business Mail Forwarding

Correspondence address

Correspondence address

This service provides you with a correspondence address that you can use on all of your promotional material and online presence. Perhaps you run your business from home or an inexpensive industrial unit – if you want your customers to be impressed by a more prestigious-sounding office location then our correspondence address and mail handling service can help. Or perhaps you are away from your office for much of the day and are often unavailable to accept delivery of parcels. If so, this service can help.

Our professional reception staff will take delivery of all correspondence sent to you care of this address and sign for safe receipt where necessary. Then they will forward your correspondence in a manner of your choosing: they can forward it to you via Royal Mail or a courier, scan it and email it to you or make it available for you to collect it in person. Meanwhile it will be stored securely for you.

If you choose, we can also filter out all marketing or unsolicited post. Call us to find out how we can help you to manage your post more efficiently and impress your clients by presenting a professional image of your business.

Most of our clients who sign up for the company registered address also sign up for this service so that they can receive all of their correspondence together (whether from HMRC and Companies House or elsewhere).

Service for directors

Services for directors

A registered limited company must have at least one director. Upon registering a limited company, each director’s address must be given so that official company-related correspondence and documentation can be sent to those addresses by Companies House and HMRC. Those addresses are a matter of public record and can be seen upon a search of the Companies House register. There are regulations and rules about registering a director’s address:

  • The address can be the same as the company’s registered address
  • It can be the director’s home address
  • It must not be a PO Box address
  • It can be located anywhere in the world, not necessarily in the same country as the company is located or where the director lives.


What we offer

We can provide a Directors’ Service Address for any director who wishes to keep their private lives and professional lives separate, to enable them to achieve a healthy work-life balance and provide the security of anonymity while still complying with all UK legal requirements.

If you are a director and wish to keep your residential address private, we can provide you with a Directors’ Service Address to which all of your company-related post can also be sent.

To protect your privacy (avoiding unwanted visitors or correspondence arriving at your home or work address) and to ensure that you receive all important documents and notifications, call us to discuss how our Directors’ Service Address can assist you.

Business suport

We understand that running a business can be difficult enough without also having to spend time ensuring that you are meeting all legal requirements within the UK relating to the running of your business. If you are based overseas and operate a UK branch, it can be impractical to sort out many of the basic arrangements that would be easier (if time-consuming) if you were local.

Whether you are UK-based or live overseas and operate a UK company or business, we can help you to manage the paperwork and ensure that you do not face fees or other penalties for missing deadlines or failing to adhere to regulations.



We can:

  • Help you to open a UK business bank account
  • Refer you to UK accountants, financiers or lawyers if specialist help is required
  • Arrange for documents to be legalised (with an Apostille Certificate service)

Apostille Certificates may be required wherever you are required to legalise UK documents for use overseas (for example, if you need to use it to open a bank account in outside the UK). If you are a non-UK resident and have a UK limited company, you may need the documents relating to your company to be legalised before you can use them outside the UK. We can arrange an Apostille Certificate for all relevant documentation through the UK government’s Legalisation Office to prove that your documents are correct, legal and in accordance with the 1961 Hague Convention.

The documents you may need to have legalised include your Certificate of Incorporation, your Memorandum/Articles of Association, Share Certificates and any other documentation you may be asked for.

Certificate of Good Standing

We can also obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for you from Companies House. This certificate attests to the fact that your company has been run in accordance with the law and that the company has no outstanding fees or penalties and has all of its paperwork filed correctly. The Certificate of Good Standing includes your company’s registered office address, the names of your directors, the date of incorporation, and details of subscribers and issued capital. This can help with opening a bank account for your company or if you plan to open a branch of your UK-based company abroad. Call us today to discuss whether this is something that would help your business to thrive.