Correspondence address

This service provides you with a correspondence address that you can use on all of your promotional material and online presence. Perhaps you run your business from home or an inexpensive industrial unit – if you want your customers to be impressed by a more prestigious-sounding office location then our correspondence address and mail handling service can help. Or perhaps you are away from your office for much of the day and are often unavailable to accept delivery of parcels. If so, this service can help.

Our professional reception staff will take delivery of all correspondence sent to you care of this address and sign for safe receipt where necessary. Then they will forward your correspondence in a manner of your choosing: they can forward it to you via Royal Mail or a courier, scan it and email it to you or make it available for you to collect it in person. Meanwhile it will be stored securely for you.

If you choose, we can also filter out all marketing or unsolicited post. Call us to find out how we can help you to manage your post more efficiently and impress your clients by presenting a professional image of your business.

Most of our clients who sign up for the company registered address also sign up for this service so that they can receive all of their correspondence together (whether from HMRC and Companies House or elsewhere).